Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unite O' Liberals? Don't Think, Just Do As I Say

Egyptians never cease to amaze me.. Ah wAllahi :))) Not only are we experts in spoiling ANY ruler and pharaoh-nating him (just coined that word) but we have came up with this reconciliatory candidate notion which defies the whole purpose of the electoral process and free choice.. Egyptian liberals, the preachers of democracy and free choice, are adamant but to ruin the democratic process by enforcing a certain reconciliatory presidential candidate on everyone, on the pretext that we have to "Unite O' Liberals against the Islamists"! We are called upon to rally behind one candidate in order not to divide our dear and scarce liberal votes.. That candidate, Amre Moussa, is the one they believe stands the best chance to win. They are reprimanding some for their choice of Hamdeen Sabahy or X,Y,Z instead of Amre Moussa whom they think is the winning liberal horse and has a better chance.. They think we're betraying them by not trusting them blindly and following in their footsteps.. Hold on.. I thought only Islamists worked like that.. And for some ridiculous and inexplicable reason Moussa has fallaciously gained momentum as the "savior" of Egyptian liberalism? Aren't we forgetting that he turned a blind eye to the previous regime's democratic and human rights' violations, kowtowed to Mubarak and was his minister for 10 long years and never resigned but was kicked out? Some liberal endorsements in the parliamentary elections were catastrophic and managed to fatally backfire on the liberal parties which supported them, and these too were reconciliatory candidates which we were herded into choosing in order not to break the liberal vote! Let us make choices based on our criteria and not tafteet aswat.. I might be making the wrong choice and maybe Amre Moussa is the best man in this point of our lopsided history, but maybe you too are making the wrong choice in endorsing him.. I'm not betraying YOU or YOUR cause by not following YOUR choice.. Don't you realize that if I choose someone against my principles and better judgment I'll be betraying myself?

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