Monday, January 9, 2012

Baradei - March 10, 2011

Baradei's interview on ONTV confirmed my opinion of a man with integrity: vision, focus, determination and strategy. He advocated democracy, dignity, freedom and equality in a great nation that deserves to get back on track as the heart and soul of the Arab and Muslim World. Yes, I can vote for that!

When I posted a clip of Moussa complimenting Mubarak (while he was in power), my friend was upset.. I really don't understand how posting a clip where Moussa unequivocally stated he'd vote for Mubarak would be badmouthing? With no help from anyone he showed he's in full support of a corrupt regime although as Secretary General of the Arab League he was not technically part of it. الحقيقة الراجل عامل واجب كبير يشكرعليه وبدون أن يطلب منه ! If this is not hypocrisy then what is! Jumping on the bandwagon مقشرة عالجاهز if it came from anyone else but Moussa would be opportunism, but in his case he's a tactful diplomat :-) As for Bardei flirting with the MB at a time when it wasالجماعة المحظورة ومغضوب عليها وينكل بأعضائها فإننا لا نستطيع القول أنها محاورة سياسية بالعكس دة جاب لنفسه مصيبة ودخل عش دبابير but due to the previous prohibition to form new parties he had to unite with existing ones. And you got it wrong, he didn't flirt with the MB, he flirted with ALL the opposition parties because he desperately wanted to form a political coalition to face the government. This is acceptable practice in all democracies around the world, but يظهر حلال عليهم وحرام علينا . Baradei was the first heavyweight to confront the regime to demand human rights for over 80 million. Remind me where was Moussa then? Oh, he was on TV diplomatically supporting Mubarak... As for Camp David this was over 30 years ago i.e. Baradei was a mini diplomat in his early thirties and hardly, hardly can be called an effective member of anything :) maybe member of paper carrying personnel... No one's putting anyone on a pedestal, we're all human and can and do mistakes. اللهم ولي أمورنا خيارنا ولا تولي أمورنا شرارنا

I came across a very interesting remark: حكيم يتلعثم خير من غبي (أو كاذب) يتحدث بطلاقة .. and one of Baradei's most respectable traits is his integrity and honesty and that he doesn't follow the popular motto which has become the unwritten manifesto of most politicians:  أنا لا أكذب ولكني أتجمل

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