Friday, January 13, 2012

Surprise Win? No.. - November 30, 2011

To all my dear friends who are "surprised" from the eminent MB victory.. Seriously? In other words: are you for real? Some of us have warned that many of the so called intelligentsia were fighting the wrong battles.. namely amongst themselves on twitter and TV shows, while the MB was tirelessly working at the grassroots.. Which is why they won..fair and square.. OK, maybe not too fairly because it was an indirect financial allurement, but they gave the predominantly poverty-stricken population what they needed: products and services which the government neglected out of corruption, ineptitude or sheer disinterest. What did the intelligentsia do, apart from a condescending attitude towards the silent majority calling them names (Hezb el kanaba, ignorant, etc) and bickering on ideologies and Article 2? Egypt's current despicable level of illiteracy, lack of awareness and ignorance can only be blamed on the past regime.. The Islamists did not rise to power as a result of toppling Mubarak, but rather as a result of Mubarak's erroneous policies that perpetuated inequality, poverty and ignorance.. وصلت وإلا لسة؟

Just an observation: Islamists got 78% from the total vote, same as the Yes vote in the previous Referendum..

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