Friday, January 13, 2012

Lose-Lose.. - December 17, 2011

We are in a lose-lose situation; Egypt is burning and Egyptians are being pinned against each other and if we look deep we'll know who's behind this, who stands to be the real winner.. Who wants it to BURN? Who wants the Revolution to fail? I have said a hundred times that I don't blindly approve of protests except those with consensus and for a clear purpose.. but that if these protests are viciously and inhumanely addressed I'll be the first to accuse the oppressor's inhumanity and brutality! No one can dispute that the brutal, vicious scenario is repeated EVERY TIME albeit from different aggressors: protesters are handled heartlessly and viciously with a shoot-to-kill, hit-to-maim attitude, as if this is the ONLY and RIGHT WAY to treat Egyptians! I'm STUNNED at people, especially women, who don't see the human element, who want us to treat this practically and pragmatically to see the bigger picture, and who believe that sympathizing against brutality is romantic or being brainwashed.. I will also not argue with them but will continue to expose claims that these events didn't happen or are photoshopped.. I also have nothing to tell them except that I wish this doesn't befall them or someone dear to their hearts..

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