Monday, January 9, 2012

Tahrir Millioneya - April 8, 2011

Great weather! On way to Tahrir shortly ISA and will be tweeting from there so stay tuned :-)

The Egyptian flag.. Egyptians chanting: Masr.. Masr.. Masr

April 9, 2011
Yesterday we went to Tahrir to exert pressure demanding Mubarak and his cronies be put on trial... Will today see US being put on trial instead? In spite of the AF's lethargic speed in dealing with Mubarak I have always maintained that we cannot, and should not, antagonize or lose the army! We can't afford to... Now look what's happening!

April 11, 2011
Lest we forget: Mubarak had the audacity to threaten us with legal action if we dare question his integrity! Combine this with the allegation that his son withdrew 75 TONS of gold from Egypt's reserves! Now top that with decades of oppression culminating with martyrs coldly executed by regime snipers.. In light of the above wouldn't it be safe to assume that Mubarak & Co. are CRIMINALS and should be treated as such?

April 12, 2011
My thoughts since the crackdown on Friday and after last night's Yosri Foda episode with the SCAF: I'm supposed to feel reassured, but I'm not.. I'm supposed to feel relieved, but I'm not.. I'm supposed to feel safe, but I'm not.. All I'm left with is a knot in the stomach and a lump in my throat.. I have this mixed depressed grief feeling.. My optimist side says: Oh, well it's better than a full blown depression..

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