Friday, January 13, 2012

Baradei, a Missed Opportunity - November 30, 2011

I still maintain that we owe a lot to Dr. Mohamed El Baradei.. I will even go as far as claiming that he was one of the catalysts of the 25 January Revolution.. But that's just MY claim and MY belief.. Further, I don't think that anyone - apart from the martyrs and the injured - has paid so dearly like this man for his principles. I wish we were more united and rallied behind him as an interim President with vision, instead of succumbing to rivalries and jealousy and squandering a golden opportunity.. I don't think we deserved him.. But again, that's ME and my personal view.. What a waste!

When I get discouraged or feel frustrated I list the independent and respectable characters who are in support of the Revolution..then I take a deep breath..and persevere.. Dr. Mohamed El Baradei and Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim are among those I hold in high esteem and help people like me put matters in perspective. I have in all objectivity and integrity tried to think of well-known and respectable personalities among the so-called Silent Majority of Abasseya with the same Baradei/Ghoneim calibre but found none.. Again, I stand corrected and would gladly acknowledge my mistake.

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