Friday, January 13, 2012

Mubarak or Egypt? - January 12, 2011

It hurts me profoundly when I see EGYPT begging from its brethren in the Gulf and other countries to finance its deficit, its bread really. I don't blame some countries for laying conditions but what I strongly object to is the Saudi and UAE's stand (if true) that their assistance depends on the outcome of Mubarak's trial! My dear brothers: is Mubarak more important to you than the 85 million plus Egyptians? Is Mubarak more important to you than the millions of Egyptians who have lived in your countries and helped you build it over the years? Is Mubarak more important to you than justice and الحق if Egypt's legal justice decides that he deserves to be punished for crimes committed? And more importantly, and this I direct to our esteemed government: where are Egypt's embezzled BILLIONS which if retrieved would have spared us from begging and saved our face and dignity? Why are you humiliating us?!! Egypt doesn't deserve this!

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