Friday, January 13, 2012

Kotla vs Islamists - December 7, 2011

This is to clarify the Kotla vs Islamists.. First and foremost, we're ALL patriots and we ALL want what's best for our beloved Egypt. Second, Egypt is in peculiar and challenging circumstances and we NEED diversity in parliament to ensure that if a bill or law is passed it is based on its own merit after it's well debated and proven to be a good law, not because any party has an absolute majority! Hence the call to support the Kotla, Thawra Mostamera or other non-religious coalition is to ensure the opposition gets a third of the vote to strengthen their weight in parliament and avoid political monopoly which is a sure recipe for dictatorship.. No healthy parliament in the whole world operates with a 65-70% majority.. Voting for Kotla or other non-religious entity, and not Islamist parties does NOT MEAN ISLAM on one side versus Liberals, Christians and secular Egyptians on the other. This is not a Yes for Islam vote and قالت الصناديق نعم للإسلام.. Kotla is NOT AGAINST ISLAM, it's a political coalition not a religious one. We should NOT confuse Islam as a religion with the Islamist PARTIES which we're absolutely free to criticize and oppose! Personally, I am a Liberal-Progressive-Conservative Muslim. Conservative in my religious practices, liberal in my belief of human rights, and freedom that doesn't clash with my religion, and progressive in my ideas of how Egypt should be run and started on the correct path of political reform and sustained development
I personally support Thawra Mostamerra because I don't want an absolute majority that borders on political dictatorship.

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