Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm personally involved in this particular photo so please allow me to give you the real story behind it.. When I first saw the picture on the left I was shocked because I recognized the lady as Tante Nadia Rizk, the mother of my best friend Diane Rizk Olsen who lives in NY.. I immediately asked Diane and she called her mom and confirmed that it was her and she told me exactly what happened. T. Nadia who lives in Garden City was obviously buying something when the young woman in green was being chased by the soldiers carrying batons! She sought refuge behind T. Nadia and they both stumbled and fell to the ground. T. Nadia then started shouting at the 5 soldiers with batons for beating up and terrorizing the young woman, which made her run and seek refuge behind T. Nadia in the first place! The soldiers told her: ما تخافيش يا ماما.. and helped her up, hence the second picture. I have strived to clarify this photo everywhere to explain that T. Nadia wasn't beaten up but what everyone's oblivious to, either intentionally or intentionally, is that this doesn't change the truth: they were brutal and violent against the young woman! ياجمال شهامتهم وهم بيساعدوا الست الكبيرة وياسفالتهم وهم بيضربوا البنات الشابات! We are in a crisis and there are NO winners here.. All I keep saying is dou3a for Egypt: اللهم ولي علينا خيارنا ولا تولي علينا شرارنا، اللهم أرنا الحق حقا وأرزقنا إتباعه وأرنا الباطل باطلا وأرزقنا إجتنابه، ولا تجعلهما علينا متشابهين فنتبع الهوى فنضل

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