Friday, January 13, 2012

Politically Correct.. Again - December 29, 2011

People still use the words "retarded" in a demeaning way.. Only people related to persons with disability are insulted by this and feel the pain.. This has been ongoing for as long as I can remember and unfortunately it has become ingrained in our culture to make fun of disability, no thanks to our decadent movie industry which used retarded متخلف and its synonyms in a degrading manner (it has now been replaced by زهايمر i.e. Alzheimer's) in a cheap attempt to make people laugh.. And while I know that it's done out of ignorance not cruelty, I think it shows insensitivity to people with disability and their families. But that aside I am stunned whenever I see that well known writers and journalists still use words like عته مغولي أو توحد as a negative adjective for a person or a situation! One would assume they're educated enough to know that this is NOT "politically correct".. We still have a long way to go.. Education is key!

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