Friday, January 13, 2012

Egypt has Changed - December 6, 2011

In the midst of the low morale and depression I see a glimpse of hope! Bear with me and I promise you'll feel it too.. Yes, we still didn't get what we want.. Yes, Egypt is not on the right track.. Yes, the Revolution is semi-hijacked.. Yes, there's a lot of uncertainty and we don't know where we're going.. But look around you: there's an unprecedented awareness and civic engagement! And if you skip the 85 million people who suddenly mushroomed into savvy political analysts, you'll find that Egypt is experiencing a political metamorphosis.. WE HAVE CHANGED.. We have become more assertive, more involved and there's no going back. Look around you.. It started with breaking the no-more-fear barrier and continued with the Legan Sha3beya (Popular/Civic Committees) and is now extending to volunteer work in any worthy cause. Everyone's taking initiative..all for a Better Egypt. And if that's the only advantage of the Revolution, apart from getting rid of Mubarak, then so be it

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