Friday, January 13, 2012

Mohamed Mahmoud - November 22, 2011

Just returned from Tahrir.. Didn't see baltageya; saw youth yearning for a future, any future.. Didn't see baltageya; saw brave Egyptians taking turns to ward off the criminal SF.. Didn't see baltageya; saw Egyptians who owned nothing but a motorbike which they used to transport the injured.. Didn't see baltageya; saw the Ultras standing in solidarity to protect the youth.. I saw the spirit of Egypt

I know many of us are disenchanted and depressed about the current affairs.. some are even subconsciously angry at the revolutionaries for re-igniting Tahrir. But we just can't stand by and watch them kill the youth who have paid, and are paying for our real freedom with their lives and eyesight! Apart from being among the silent majority, we also represent the top echelon which was satisfied with the status quo, because our life was good and comfortable, and we were living in our own world..but we can't continue like that.. There is too much poverty and deprivation in this country and when it explodes, we will be the first victims of the Revolution of the Hungry, the destitute ثورة الجياع.. Please go to Tahrir to see for yourselves..

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