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نتيجة الإستفتاء - March 19, 2011

Got some disturbing vibes... It's perfectly alright for anyone to vote Yes as it's my prerogative to vote No. And I have vowed that when the results are out I would go with the flow: democracy 101. But what is totally unacceptable and evil is abusing people's goodheartedness and naivety and convincing them that Yes means Yes to stability, Yes to Islam, Yes to getting back on track...

March 20, 2011

To win fair and square is an end in itself... But to abuse the inherent religious nature and naivety of the people is a disgrace and stigmatizes your win!

Mabrouk to our friends who voted Yes. but my concern is in the percentages... 41% turnout and yet we have around 78% yes... And since 99.99% of our family and friends voted as evidenced by the avalanche of those cute pink fingers :-) then we can assume that the majority of the urban population voted and the deficit is rural. Therefore, if the majority of the rural population voted, the result could've been 90% Yes..

Let me get this straight? Is someone actually implying that we should act حلوين وكميلة كدة مش زي الناس الوحشين اللي بيتخانقوا لما حد يضربهم على قفاهم Am I missing something here? Then why 25 January, why the martyrs who died if we're not going to say No, never again? I honestly don't understand the logic... I will repeat what I've said for the last couple of days... It's not acceptable that anyone should embezzle votes under any pretext, be it religion, patriotism, etc... I don't know about you guys, but it doesn't go down well with me for someone to even imply that because I voted No and they voted Yes, that makes them a better Muslim or patriot or human being than I am... If you accept it on yourself, I DON'T and I'll fight and expose them for using that trick on simple, good-hearted Egyptians!

Let me iterate: if EVERYONE voted (excluding the A-voters abroad lol) this 77% would've been 90% because everyone like us made a point to go and vote. My assumption is that the weak participation was from rural areas and we know how they want to vote... So bottom line: احمدوا ربنا اننا طلعنا ب ٢٢٪ مش بأقل لإن كان حيبقى شكلنا وحشششش

March 22, 2011
The MB and NDP wanted a Yes vote to have quick parliamentary elections and win (better organized, funds etc) while we sang No amongst ourselves without addressing average Egyptians at grass root levels, with activists and intelligentsia debating on TV, facebook and twitter and rejecting the amendments with incessant referral to removing Article 2 and how we should be a secular state separating religion from politics. This was a golden opportunity for MB and Salafis (NDP are excluded from this marriage but stand to profit big time). You don't do that in Egypt, you just DO NOT! Average Egyptians are very religious and to them you were attacking Islam and the MB used that card to win votes: the Yes vote was reduced to "Yes to Islam" and the No represented those secular, irreligious, rich folks who are fighting Islam and Muslims! Well it worked! كفاية عليكو كدة دلوقتي

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