Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am the Gift

A Poem for our Gift, our son Karim
soon to turn 24 years old in February 2012 insha Allah
I am The Gift
An answer from God
To your prayer for a child...

A dream, come true
An unconditional love
A miracle of creation
A new life, A newborn
A bundle of joy
But… with a flaw

How could it be…
That Allah Almighty
The Perfect, The Merciful
Bestow… a Gift with a Flaw?

Could this be, the end of a dream
Before it began?

But it's true
For I… am The Gift

Allah in His Wisdom
Has chosen thee
My parents…
To bestow with this
Given only to a Chosen Few

For I… your imperfect baby
Am really perfect...
for I am an Angel
Till the end of time

I… your imperfect child
Am really perfect...
For I have no sins
Till the day that I die

And then… on the Day
Of Judgment
I will greet you, my parents
At the Gates of Heaven
That thou shall enter
With the Grace of Allah
And then you shall know
His Wisdom…
And That I… am Truly... The Gift 

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