Friday, January 13, 2012

يومان داخل لجنة الإنتخابات - December 16, 2011

Here are my highlights on my 2-day experience inside the voting station of Markaz Shabab El Sheikh Zayed. I was denied access INSIDE the legan because I didn't have a legal tawkeel except very late.. which is a real shame because I could've enforced more discipline on the مراقبات to ensure maximum neutrality/neutralism and fairness

1. The MB were very organized, followed by the Salafis. They both had several representatives, men and women, INSIDE and outside the legan and they were omnipresent which in itself a kind of indirect advertising especially for Al Nour Party because of its monaqabat ladies مراقبات . It was a duopoly: that's a monopoly of 2..
2. No other party had any presence or representation.. There is one person who might've been from The Wasat Party but I'm not sure
3. There was ZERO presence of the civil society المجتمع المدني except for Nihal Said, Dalia Osman and myself, and we literally enforced ourselves on everyone as legan sha3beya because we didn't have any صفة قانونية per se

4. 99% of the voters knew (or were told) exactly who they were going to vote for
5. One of the مراقبات (I think MB) was "helping" the voters. I argued with her endlessly that this is NOT RIGHT but she said that the judge let her "show" voters where the names or symbols were on the large ferdi voting sheet. I firmly stated that we as مراقبات should be 100% neutral and not open our mouth.. If a voter didn't know where to find the candidate then she should go out of the lagna and look again at the voting sheet. If she didn't know who to vote for or the name of the candidate then she should go out, "تستعين بصديق" by calling a friend on her mobile and ask for help. A controller or supervisor should NOT HELP IN ANY WAY that's an indirect manipulation or influence at best! I was able to enforce this in my lagna but Nihal couldn't because the judge himself was lax and allowed this :(
6. 99.99% of the voters were literate
7. The majority of the voters were from the أحياء. A minority came from compounds and private buildings. I don't have accurate statistics but I'd put it at a rough 90 to 10%
8. It was very obvious that the MB was 100% backing El Sawi. However some of the liberal ladies also voted for him either because he's a friend, neighbor or a respectable person (Sawia bore heavily into this)

And that's for our relatively upmarket neighborhoods of Zayed and 6 October.. Don't have any visibility for areas like Kerdasa or Haram but I can easily guess..

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