Friday, January 13, 2012

لا لن تسقط حقوق الإنسان.. - December 26, 2011

الحقيقة ليس فقط تسقط حقوق الإنسان ولكن يسقط كل كاتب وكاتبة لا يراعي ضميره الإنساني قبل أن يراعي ضميره المهني.. يسقط الكتاب الذين يدسون السم في العسل بدعوى الكتابة الحيادية والمنطق المعوج.. لا أطلب من الكتاب أن يجانبوا الصواب أو أن ينحازوا إلى الثورة - الثورة التي أعطتهم الفرصة الكاملة للكتابة بحرية وكرامة وقد كانوا منذ سنة واحدة يمشون جنب الحيط أو ينافقون ضمن فريق الهتيفة - ولكن أطالبهم بكلمة حق وكلمة سواء.. الفتاة المضروبة أصبحت ستربتيز والثوار أصبحوا حشاشين؟ لا أقول سوى حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل وأفوض أمري إلى الله..
وقد قام البعض بنشر هذا الفيديو عن الفتاة المنقبة قبل ضربها وسحلها وتعريتها معللا وحشية الجنود في التعامل معهم بسبب أنها كانت تسبهم وترمي عليهم طوباً..

Yes the girl was wrong in throwing stones (couldn't make out the insults but that's not acceptable too), but does this justify the vicious and savage way she was beaten? She could've easily died or sustained a crippling injury and I know you're not OK with that but then are you trying to find an excuse for the soldiers? Because in all honesty I can't..
Again I'll say: we cannot BUILD without eradicating corruption and having full, fair CLOSURE of pending issues. Any haphazard, temporary solution will remain that: temporary.
Media? What media my dear friend.. Are we talking about the subservient media which needs radical cleansing or the independent one? I share your frustration and disappointment, albeit for different reasons..
First I would NEVER condone injustice even to a murderer, precisely because our Holy Quran calls for القصاص .. I would never demand that someone be treated unjustly, even if he did the same..
Second who's REALLY responsible for the deteriorating tourism situation.. the tourists evaporated because of lack of security and not because there were protests which was actually a tourist attraction at one point in time
Third let's differentiate between short, medium and long term plans.. I'm a staunch advocate of education because it is KEY but let it be among our other priorities. I have to insist on eradication of corruption. Arguing that other countries are corrupt doesn't make it right; it's one of their vices which they are grappling with and not acceptable there.. Another priority is cleansing of the state media and I really mean radical disinfecting!
Fourth.. there is NO doubt in my mind that ALL my friends' list are patriots but we have different views.. I respect one and all.. I don't agree with some, but I respect them all the same.

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