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The Winds of Change - February 13, 2011

The winds of change are blowing, uprooting everything in their path... There's a wave of demonstrations in almost ALL ministries, government agencies, national companies and banks, factories, against the top management. Decades of corruption and inequality have resulted in this institutional revolution which isn't differentiating, in its anger, between the good, the bad and the ugly... and understandably so... Thinking out of the box, and altruistically, we should bear this pain with Eman that the end result will be a more egalitarian system for the people of Egypt, hence the universal good... I just hope we don't replace one corrupt regime with another (the past 6 decades sound familiar?)... Then all our sacrifices will be in vain and this Revolution will have gone astray...

No one refutes the fact that there's HUGE inequality in Egypt or that a more egalitarian system should be instated and people receive the rights they deserve. But what we ALL abhor is the indecent and uncivilized manner by which masses are voicing their grievances. Oh, and another thing, if you want to make more money you should WORK and not expect it as a given birthright! We don't want a re-run of the Nasserite era.. 

There are NO traitors between us, just Egyptians with differing views. We're ALL patriots and we ALL deserve medals, even if we're 180 degrees different. AGAIN... this is a Revolution, with all its goods and bads, a rebirth of Egypt if you will. And like all childbirth there is a lot of pain, but the end result ISA, ISA, ISA will be beautiful. Because nature has to take its course, the pain has to be experienced and endured for the ultimate universal good...

February 14, 2011
To those who say Mubarak is their father..
Just my 2 cents on the matter... Would they have felt the same if after his third speech on Thursday 10 February, when he literally threw us to the dogs, the presidential guard and/or special security forces FIRED ON US to disperse us as was widely rumored? No, he is NOT my father!

For the record: I've NEVER repeated any obscene slogans or vulgarity of any kind against Mubarak, his family or any government officials, nor do I condone it. I believe that no one is above the law and if funds were taken unlawfully then they should be returned, and that everyone's innocent until PROVEN guilty. And while we're at it, I'm disgusted by how only 5 or 6 names have been shortlisted as heads of fassad! WAllahi? Where's the rest? Sadly they might be scapegoats if you ask me!

Ever since the army stood guard in Tahrir I always had mixed feelings as I was passing between their tanks. I was grateful for their presence but they were grim and never showed emotions. Not one word was uttered to indicate their support; I assumed they had strict orders not to. I vividly remember one such uneasy feeling on the morning of Friday 11 February when I found all army personnel (including soldiers) wearing bullet-proof vests. That really scared me, and added to my fear of the rumors we've been hearing that the presidential guard and special forces were preparing a powerful (and bloody) comedown on us. I find it hard to believe that the top brass would order the massacre of Egyptians in cold blood. But I'm concerned that they might not wish to relinquish their new-found political supremacy easily or in the short term. So yes, the situation is far from being resolved; it's too complex and there are many and diverse players... And yes, it's not yet over...

If the people once – just once – lost their fear, and rose up to crush their oppressors, the very system of pain and frightfulness would become its own enemy, its ferocity the very reason for its collapse ~ Robert Fisk: Three weeks in Egypt show the power of brutality – and its limits -...

"لايجب إختزال الثورة فى أنها "ثورة شباب" فقط. الشباب كانوا الشرارة التى أشعلت الثورة ولكن جميع المصريين إحتضنوها وحولوها إلى نار مشتعلة - محمد البرادعي"

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