Friday, January 13, 2012

Soldiers Beat Up Girls at the Cabinet, Shame! - December 16, 2011

This use of bodily force with girls is unacceptable.. Even if the protesters are wrong this is not the way to handle girls.. It's unacceptable.. Imagine this is your daughter who's being beaten up and humiliated like that!! When will we ever understand the term HUMAN RIGHTS - DIGNITY - RESPECT?
 عندي حالة فوق الوصف من الإحباط واليأس.. 
I'm beyond depressingly and desperately disappointed
I will not comment on the soldier: I don't comment on vulgarity and lowly conduct..

الصورة صحيحة ١٠٠٪ والسيدة هي نادية رزق (٧٠ سنة) والدة صديقتي وساكنة في جاردن سيتي والفتاة احتمت بها من الضرب ووقعوا هم الـ٢ على الأرض! طنط نادية زعقت في العساكر فقالوا لها: ما تخافيش يا ماما وساعدوها تقوم.. يا سلام على الأخلاق والشهامة.. كان الأولى ما يضربوش البنات ويروعوا السيدات.. حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل!

The old lady lying on the ground is my best friend's mom.. This is Tante Nadia Rizk, mother of my childhood friend Diane Rizk. She's 70 years old.. T. Nadia lives in Garden City and obviously was out shopping when the girl who was being chased by the army sought her protection and hid behind her. They both stumbled and fell to the ground! T. Nadia started shouting at the soldiers who told her: ما تخافيش يا ماما.. and helped her up.. This is beyond disgraceful..

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